Why Move to a FAVR Program?

Ben RaseyVehicle Reimbursement

There are many options for vehicle reimbursement programs within the corporate travel industry. As demand for drivers on the road continues to increase, fleet managers and plan administrators are constantly evaluating programs that align with their company’s values and culture. … Read More

Driver’s Want Choice!

Ben RaseyVehicle Reimbursement

FAVR vehicle reimbursement program with ARC

Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) Program Brings Driver Choice The way of conducting business in the past 20 years has changed significantly due to Millennials and Generation Z entering the marketplace. One thing is for certain; everyone wants a choice … Read More

FAVR Plans Reduce Pain at the Pump

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As we head into the busy summer driving season, one of the most talked-about topics in the vehicle reimbursement industry is the price drivers pay at the fuel pump. Fuel prices are rising more rapidly than we would typically see … Read More