Vehicle Reimbursement For Companies With Mobile Employees
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How it Works

Employee Owned Vehicle Reimbursement Program

  • Step 1: Design Your Program

    We work with you to design your program and select one or more plan vehicles from our Real Cost Database℠ to use as the basis for employee reimbursement. See more about FAVR Plans.

  • Step 2: Preflight

    Together, we build a policy and compliance plan to keep your program on track. See more about Preflight.

  • Step 3: Employee Vehicles

    Your employees can use a vehicle that they currently own or purchase a new vehicle that meets the vehicle value, age and insurance requirements. More importantly, they can choose a vehicle that meets their own personal and work needs.

  • Step 4: Record Mileage

    Using our Reimbursement Plan Management tool, ARC RPM℠, employees track and enter mileage from any device - mobile, laptop or desktop. See more about ARC RPM℠.

  • Step 5: Employee Reimbursement

    On a monthly basis, we calculate the employee reimbursement based on the plan vehicle using our Real Cost Database℠. We then provide a report of the total dollar amount to pay each employee and, optionally, direct deposit the reimbursement amount.


AutoReimbursement.com FAVR Plans

If you have employees that drive for business, a Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) Plan can help you reduce risk, policy issues and cost while allowing your employees to drive a car they prefer to drive and fits their lifestyle.

An IRS non-taxable FAVR Plan accounts for both the fixed costs such as depreciation and zip code sensitive insurance, as well as the per mile (variable) costs, such as fuel, oil and tires. This enables you to reimburse employees for the actual costs of owning, maintaining and driving a vehicle for business use.

AutoReimbursement.com has the experience and resources to tailor a FAVR program to your company's budget goals. With our vehicle data variety, nearly any industry can implement a FAVR Plan that meets their needs including: consumer products, construction, beverage, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and technology.

Select your current plan to see what an AutoReimbursement.com FAVR Plan can do for your company:


Whether your company leases/owns fleet, or has a car reimbursement plan, our extensive Preflight analysis gets you ready to make the switch to an AutoReimbursement.com FAVR Plan. During Preflight, we evaluate cost, risk, cultural issues and policy issues with your current plan and develop the best plan for your company.

We work with you to design a policy and compliance program that fits your company needs. Then, using the AutoReimbursement.com Real Cost Database℠, containing 40 million combinations, we identify a plan specialized to your company that delivers spend containment.

Finally, we help transition your drivers through custom driver meetings to explain the benefits and help with the change management at the executive level. Your driver meetings will be hosted by a leader who has moved over 10,000 employees to this plan with success.

Cost Reduction

Risk Reduction

Policy Consulting


At the heart of our solution, the AutoReimbursement.com Reimbursement Plan Management (ARC RPM℠) system helps accelerate your business.

Driver Benefits

  • Easy-to-read Dashboard
  • Complete Mobile Access
  • Mileage entry on the road


  • Real-time Customizable Reports
  • Real-time Rate Calculations
  • Direct Deposit
  • Visibility, Compliance, and Control over Auto Expense Spend

HR Benefits

  • Fast New Employee Onboarding
  • Complete Explanation of Benefits
  • Update any part of the plan from any device

For Businesses Small, Medium or Large

Travel expenses are often the number two cost in any size company that has drivers on the road for business and FAVR programs have become a best practice in effectively managing those expenses. Previously only attainable by Enterprise size companies, AutoReimbursement.com has focused on programs and plan management that scales to businesses of all sizes.

Small or Medium Business

For a long time small and medium businesses have explored FAVR non-taxable plans and found that the fees and administration can be difficult. At AutoReimbursement.com, we have a FAVR plan that that is built for your small or medium sized company. In addition, we have designed our system to be easy to use for you and your drivers.

Now, you too can have a plan with ingredients the Fortune 500 companies enjoy.


With a fresh take on Reimbursement Plan Management, AutoReimbursement.com can offer the best platform for drivers, administrators, and integration with your existing platforms. In addition, easy-to-use compliance and workforce management tools have been the focus since day one to bring certainty to your program.

Whether you have 200 drivers or 10,000 drivers, AutoReimbursement.com has a custom solution and experience for your plan.

Why companies choose AutoReimbursement.com

AutoReimbursement.com Plans

Tax-free FAVR plans, Risk Programs, and the AutoReimbursement.com Real Cost Database℠ for plan development.


Analysis of cost, risk, cultural issues and policy issues to build the right program for your company.


Our Reimbursement Plan Management system addresses all employee needs in the cloud with real-time updates.

100% Mobile

For the first time in the industry, every employee or administrator can do business at any level using ARC RPM℠. No apps required.

Audit, Compliance and Control

Compliance reporting, ongoing risk containment and year over year cost containment. All accessible within ARC RPM℠.

Client Service Center

Client service experts with 70 years of combined experience.

MileIQ dashboard screenshot
MileIQ logo for FAVR vehicle reimbursement information on home page. car reimbursement image

MileIQ automatically tracks your employee's miles in the background as they drive avoiding the errors created by manual logging. Errors that often result in late payments, in employers overpaying reimbursements or employees under estimating their reimbursement. Not to mention the time drain of correcting these errors.

Features like One-Swipe Classification and Name Your Location make it easy to maintain accurate records of all your employee's business miles.

See the full announcement here.

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The Team


The team includes top in class accountants, business analysts, database programmers, and IRS FAVR experts with over 40 years combined expertise in design and implementation of IRS FAVR plans. From day one, the team has focused on software that improves the driver and administrator experience developing the most automated and accessible system in the industry.

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