Choosing a Fleet Vehicle vs a FAVR Plan

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A fleet vehicle has a lot of moving parts and surprises. Most often we connect with companies that have the same common problems:

  • Too many surprises with stored fleet vehicles, transportation, and accidents
  • Driver personal use charge-back makes the company or fleet car a “non-benefit”
  • The current policy does not offer flexibility for use of vehicle
  • 24/7 liability, risk, and unlimited administration costs

With a FAVR Reimbursement Plan we typically see the following results:

  • Spend reduction of up to 20%
  • Dramatically reduced administration to just a few days per month
  • Reduced risk and liability
  • More accountability with audit and control
  • More driver satisfaction to enjoy a vehicle that works for them for both business and personal use

Not sure if a FAVR vehicle reimbursement plan is right for your company? Let’s connect.

About the Author

Jim Doherty

Jim Doherty has developed FAVR plans with many highly visible companies large and small, and has routinely documented significant program savings, heightened driver acceptance and satisfaction, and reduced fleet liability with greater control and administrative efficiency. Let's Connect