How to calculate a FAVR allowance?

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As the Federal Reserve interest rate benchmark continues to reach 15-year highs and operating costs continue to increase, many companies have been looking for ways to retain employees while maintaining company costs. A fixed and variable rate (FAVR) program has been popular … Read More

IRS Mileage Rate 2023 Alternative Solutions

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Is the IRS-Standard Mileage Rate Too Expensive? Companies are looking for alternatives with the 2023 IRS standard mileage rate for business use increasing to 65.5 cents per mile. Furthermore, as vehicle operating costs fluctuate, choosing the right reimbursement solution will … Read More

Mileage Reporting Product Offerings

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At, we offer our clients the flexibility of three different mileage expense entry methods to support your vehicle reimbursement solution. Mileage entry is often at the heart of any vehicle reimbursement program. Regardless of your company’s reimbursement program, IRS … Read More

Vehicle Reimbursement Program Comparison Guide

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For many companies, every year brings new initiatives, goals, and provides time to re-align themselves to their desired company culture. Furthermore, as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to the 15-year high, and operating costs continues to increase, it may be an … Read More