FAVR Mileage Reimbursement Program Message from the President

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At ARC, we have based the entire development of the mileage reimbursement program on a best user experience. Over the years I have moved thousands of drivers to a FAVR mileage reimbursement plan, and in those years I always found a way to make the driver and company experience a big win in managing vehicle expenses. As time went on, I looked at how plans could be better and focused on several areas:

  • More mobile – we are the first 100% mobile experience
  • Better, easier to use tools for Administrators and Drivers
  • Lower fees, and no upgrade fees for future enhancements

What Makes AutoReimbursement.com Different from the Rest of the Industry 

As I looked at the mileage reimbursement industry, we want to provide a system and culture of a best user experience. At ARC we have created a FAVR mileage reimbursement plan that supports your company mission and policies. We have taken the time to integrate and automate all issues in FAVR programs, and bring the best system platform in the industry:

  • Driver compliance – drivers know what they need to do
  • Administration from any device
  • Executive custom reports from any device
  • Driver update from any device

Learn more about AutoReimbursement.com and our plan options here.

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Jim Doherty

Jim Doherty has developed FAVR plans with many highly visible companies large and small, and has routinely documented significant program savings, heightened driver acceptance and satisfaction, and reduced fleet liability with greater control and administrative efficiency. Let's Connect