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At, we offer our clients the flexibility of three different mileage expense entry methods to support your vehicle reimbursement solution. Mileage entry is often at the heart of any vehicle reimbursement program. Regardless of your company’s reimbursement program, IRS standard rate, car allowance plus variable reimbursement, or an IRS-approved non-taxable Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) program, reporting mileage is needed in all cases.

There are often many questions regarding automatic mileage trackers and self-reporting manual mileage entry. Jim Doherty, the president of, estimates that automatic mileage tracking saves companies anywhere from 10-20% of annual mileage expenses. This guide will explain the three different product offerings we offer at and how each can help align with your company’s culture. 


MileIQ has been a trusted partner of and continues to provide the best automatic mileage tracking app in today’s market. The app offers reliable GPS mileage data that can be transferred with just a few clicks to Best of all, it gives drivers the flexibility to classify drives as business or personal whenever it is most convenient for them (at the end of each drive, daily, weekly, or at the end of each month).

  • An automatic mileage tracker; runs in the background of your phone
  • One swipe classification; swipe right for business or swipe left for personal
  • Drivers can input toll and parking expenses into MileIQ
  • Over one million+ active users
  • 60K+ five-star reviews
  • Capture working hours only; uses minimal battery life
  • One swipe calcification: swipe left for personal use and right for business use
  • No need to keep a traditional paper mileage log
  • All driver data is encrypted
API Method:

This mileage entry and submission method is the newest integration available at Many larger companies may have drivers and team members submit mileage and expenses through an existing internal application such as Oracle Field Service Cloud (OFSC). This enables your internal application to continue to be the first stop for your users and provides complete control over the interface.

If your drivers currently capture or submit vehicle mileage/ toll expenses through an internal application, connect with us to explore integrating with

  • Easy transition to for companies currently collecting mileage and expenses via an internal application
  • Drivers continue to use a system they are familiar with
  • Driver’s mileage and toll expenses automatically transferred to 
  • Industry-leading expense and compliance reporting at 
Manual Mileage Entry:

This option is excellent for companies with other methods of capturing mileage; on the dashboard, drivers can enter mileage that they accrue for business use daily. Best of all, they can do this from the convenience of their mobile device. 

  • A streamlined process for reporting mileage
  • IRS-approved and compliant method of reporting mileage
  • Easy change management for companies switching from one provider to another
  • It can be a supplement to traditional paper mileage logs
  • 100% mobile; drivers can submit mileage from the convenience of their cell phone, tablet, or laptop.
Is now the right time to re-evaluate your vehicle reimbursement program?

Recently, many companies have been re-evaluating their current vehicle reimbursement program and looking for efficiencies in their everyday practices while increasing employee retention tools. At, we recognize the importance of delivering fair vehicle reimbursements that are viewed as a benefit to employees. With our three different product offerings regarding mileage submission, we have the tools to tailor our program to the needs and culture of your company. Additionally, we have built an expandable platform that accommodates other applications as needed. 

Why choose for a vehicle reimbursement program?

At, we have one of the top databases in the industry. Many Fortune 500 companies have trusted us to build HR Defensible programs that are cost-effective for companies while also providing a highly regarded benefit to drivers on our Fixed and Variable Rate Programs.

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