Onboarding a Tax-Free Car Allowance

Matt SchweinertVehicle Reimbursement

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Companies are constantly looking for ways to attract and retain talented employees in the ever-changing business landscape. While employee compensation often receives a lot of attention in conversations about employee retention, employees consider employer benefits to be equally important. With many companies evaluating benefits for employees who frequently travel, ensuring that these employees receive fair reimbursement is crucial. Navigating the change management process of a new reimbursement program may be daunting. However, trusting the experts at AutoReimbursement.com can help clarify your new program’s onboarding process.

At AutoReimbursement.com, we take the guesswork out of reimbursements. Using our industry-exclusive database, we formulate IRS-approved non-taxable reimbursements based on your driver’s geographical location. Utilizing tens of millions of data points and insurance data down to every postal code, we create programs that benefit your employees while also aligning with company cost initiatives. When onboarding at AutoReimbursement.com, we ensure that your program matches company culture and promotes transparency for drivers and executives.

Onboarding at AutoReimbursement.com (ARC).
  • Outline company objectives and goals. This is always the first step in onboarding at ARC as it helps establish a clear understanding of what your company aims to achieve with the new program. This step sets expectations for the next steps and provides a framework for measuring success.
  • Run current program analysis and gap analysis. ARC takes a consulting first approach with any program we implement. Running a comprehensive analysis of your existing program allows us to identify strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, ARC also identifies areas where the current program falls short and provides steps to address the existing issues in the new program.
  • Draft company and risk management policy. Creating a company risk management policy helps establish guidelines and procedures for the reimbursement program. It outlines steps to mitigate potential risks associated with the program and ensures compliance with IRS requirements.
  • Driver and admin training: We are passionate about training at ARC. Our main goal is to ensure drivers and administrators understand the new program and feel comfortable navigating our system. Comprehensive driver training leads to improved compliance and overall satisfaction with the benefits provided to your employees.
  • Check compliance of drivers. Tax-free car allowances, or FAVR (fixed and variable rate) programs, can be complicated to manage. ARC takes the burden off of program administrators, creating programs that meet the needs of your corporate objectives and drivers.
  • Program launch. In the last step, ARC ensures a smooth transition, where you’ll see the results of your hard work!

With our automated management software and professional consultants, we want to make the transition to a tax-free car allowance as easy as possible. We understand that employees play a crucial role in the success of any organization, and their experience matters. That’s why we strive to ensure that employees can focus on their day-to-day work without the added burden of worrying about their vehicle reimbursement program. AutoReimbursement.com has designed its program to make the entire process hassle-free for employers and employees, allowing them to concentrate on what truly matters.

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