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Managing a fleet of drivers on the road can be a labor-intensive task, from managing liability to ensuring that drivers on reimbursement are paid accurately. However,’s (ARC) approach to managing your mobile employees streamlines the process, using automation built into the cloud to bring efficiencies and certainty to your program. From automatic compliance and mileage tracking to custom cloud query reporting. Program administrators in all industries trust the experts at to manage their vehicle reimbursements.

At we believe that our programs need to match the culture of your company. To achieve this, our software provides the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with a variety of platforms. Additionally, we recognize the importance of offering various methods for your drivers to receive their reimbursement payments. Presently, we offer three methods for drivers to receive their reimbursements: integrating our reimbursement report with your existing payroll provider’s system, instructing drivers to submit their monthly statement as a receipt in your existing expense portal, or facilitating direct payments via ACH.

Method 1: Integrating our reimbursement report with your existing payroll provider’s system.

This method brings many efficiencies to your program and ensures that drivers receive their reimbursement on a timely basis. At the end of each reimbursement cycle, program administrators will approve and upload the monthly report into your existing payroll system, simplifying the process and providing tax-free reimbursements without requiring multiple ACH accounts for drivers.

Method 2: Drivers to submit their monthly statement as a receipt in your existing expense portal.

Submitting statements through your expense portal aligns with the practices of frequent travelers and employees who regularly incur expenses. The comprehensive ARC statement mirrors the format of expenses usually submitted through an expense portal, offering a detailed breakdown of fixed and variable costs. Additionally, this approach eliminates the necessity for a program administrator to manage payment coordination.

Method 3: Direct payments via ACH/ Wire

Utilizing AutoReimbursement’s ACH/Wire process ensures that drivers receive payment directly to a specific account used for their vehicle expenses. AutoReimbursement’s ACH/Wire provider ensures that it pays drivers on a timely basis by utilizing a secure trusted process.

Why choose as your vehicle reimbursement provider?

At, we are experts in simplifying the complex process of calculating FAVR allowances. Here’s why you should trust (ARC) to streamline your vehicle reimbursement program. 

  • ARC’s exclusive database of over 200 benchmark vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, electric vehicles, and trucks, allows us to create FAVR reimbursement plans for any industry. Geographically sensitive vehicle data down to 44,000 zip codes. 
  • ARC system offers comprehensive reports and cost center reporting, enabling you to optimize your expense management easily.
  • Tailored company policy to ensure driver compliance and reduce the risk associated with drivers on the road.
  • Our mobile software is easily accessible from any device, whether a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.
  • Driver-specific insurance and driver’s license validation and management.
  • Track and record your mileage with MileIQ.
  • ARC is 100% employee-owned; we provide standard white glove service to all clients. Meaning all customer service requests are answered same day. It’s that simple!
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