Top 10 Questions to Evaluate Your Current Vehicle Allowance Program

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Has it been a while since you checked the marketplace? Below are ten questions to help evaluate your current vehicle allowance plan.

Evaluate Your Current Vehicle Allowance Program with These 10 Questions: 

  1. Does your current provider understand your business, help you identify business needs, and understand your company’s culture to deliver the best plan every year?
  2. Are you still achieving a return on investment in your current vehicle allowance program?
  3. Do you need a spreadsheet just to understand the proposal or annual program updates?
  4. Can you or your drivers utilize the system from any device (including laptops, desktops, tablets, or smartphones) anywhere a data connection is available?
  5. Do your employees have a clear picture of how to become and remain compliant?
  6. Are plan calculations accurate to the zip code level?
  7. When drivers and administrators make updates in the system, are the updates reflected instantly, system-wide?
  8. When on-boarding a new employee, can you get a rate within an hour and have them receive access within moments of adding them to the system?
  9. Are your drivers receiving same-day customer service?
  10. Do you have flexible reporting that allows you to capture all the necessary details?

With, your answer would be “Yes” to all of the above. We can help analyze your current vehicle allowance situation and program through ARC Preflight, so let’s connect to discuss further.

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