Vehicle Reimbursement – A Complete Guide to IRS Approved Methods

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Vehicle reimbursement, travel and fleet expenses are often the second largest expense. To manage this, many companies seek an accurate, reliable, and comprehensive plan that identifies the detailed costs specific to each driver for employee-owned vehicles. In this guide, we … Read More

IRS Mileage Rate: Announcing the 2017 Mileage Rate

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The Internal Revenue Service has announced a new IRS mileage rate for 2017 for use in calculating reimbursements or deductions for tax purposes: Business use: 53.5 cents a mile, down from 54 cents a mile in 2016 Medical use: 17 … Read More

Choosing a Fleet Vehicle vs a FAVR Plan

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A fleet vehicle has a lot of moving parts and surprises. Most often we connect with companies that have the same common problems: Too many surprises with stored fleet vehicles, transportation, and accidents Driver personal use charge-back makes the company … Read More